Better Business through Better Relationships: How Meditation Helps People Understand Themselves and Each Other

Written by Journey

FACT: Meditation improves relationships because it gives people a better ability to understand themselves and others.

We read people’s emotions everyday, often incorrectly: how many times have you mistaken a frown for a sign of disapproval rather than an indication of stress? All too often people project their own fears and insecurities onto others, and in the workplace, that can lead to strained relationships and an imbalanced culture. And nobody wants that — not employees, not employers.

Seeing others clearly is a key component in positive relationships. A study at Emory University found that meditation makes subjects more equipped to read the emotions on other people’s faces (a handy little trick when navigating the very personal world of business). Furthermore, a study in the Journal of Psychological Science suggested that mindfulness helps us see ourselves more objectively, too.

Yeah, meditation is powerful.

And Journey Meditation is uniquely designed to help every individual see themselves more clearly so they can see the world as it truly is: awesome.

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