New At Journey: Returning To The New Norm, Intro to Breathwork, & More

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As things get back to normal, you might find yourself wondering, “what is normal?” Though change may be the only constant, it’s possible to navigate the transition into a new norm with grace and ease. Tap into your breath, refine the norms, and discover hypnotherapy for new techniques and strategies to roll with the changes and shape the future you want.

Returning to the New Normal

If you thought the day would never come when things got back to normal, think again. Yet at the same time, some things will never be the same. Fortunately, the beloved Hector Marcel, an organizational change manager, is here to help navigate how to normalize a new norm. In this four-part series, you’ll get a healthy reminder of the reality of change, and be skillfully guided to seize the opportunity created when things shift. With sound advice on everything from reentering the office to managing overstimulation, you can approach the post pandemic workplace equipped with concrete and fresh perspectives to mold the future you would like to have.

Intro to Breathwork

If you’re looking for ways to feel more awake, build energy, relax, or even fall asleep, Intro to Breathwork is just the thing for you. In this four-part series with the delightful Gly Gabriel, a Harvard-educated coach, you’ll cover circular breathing, breath of fire, box breathing, and more. Tap into the parasympathetic nervous system with accessible tools designed to help with everything from relaxing the body and mind so you can manage stress or fall asleep easier, to building intensity for a quick shot of energy when you need to wake up. Use your breath to affect your body and mind and say goodbye to the afternoon crash!

Daniel Ryan

Meet Daniel Ryan, a second-generation hypnotherapist that blends a curious philosopher’s mind with an open and compassionate heart. Try out Hypnotherapy for Deep and Easy Sleep or dive further into gratitude by using the body as an access point. With a diverse background spanning from Vedic philosophy to neuroscience and psychology, Daniel will take you on a tour through sleeping better, finding a peaceful balance, navigating new norms and enhancing performance with his unique lens of multiple traditions. We know you’ll enjoy his exceptional approach as much as we do. 

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