Five Ways to Support Employee Mental Health When Returning to the Office

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Stock up the coffee and reactivate the fobs – the crew is back!

As more and more companies open their doors and employees roll back into the workplace, concerns about returning to the office are high. From tension around hand-shakes, masks, and vaccines, to anxiety about the “hybrid” work week and social distancing, returning to the new normal will require overcoming emotional hurdles for many people heading back to the office this summer. With nerves on edge as logistics are finalized and teams reunite, one thing is for sure. Supporting the mental health of the entire organization has never been more necessary.

Here are a few simple ways for businesses to ease staff back into the office.

1. Find out how they’re doing

(Daily check ins and monthly assessments) 

You’ve probably seen it before. When employees sense that their best interest is at heart, everything improves from their overall sense of satisfaction to their productivity. A nice way to ease through the transition back to the office is simply to ask them regularly how they’re doing. If you keep a pulse on how they’re feeling about being back at work, you won’t be guessing what would actually make them feel comfortable or how much support to give or not. And if they sense that you’re genuine when you ask, they’ll be more receptive to the support you provide. 

Even one simple question like, “how are you today?” sends a powerful message that you care and are eager to provide support. If daily check-ins sound great, but seem daunting to administer, don’t worry. With Journey, they’re included in the web and mobile apps. An optional monthly assessment will also give you even more insight to help you personalize their support and track their engagement and progress.

2. Encourage them to make self care a priority

(Live and on demand content) 

Find ways to empower your staff. If you can enable them to take charge of their own well being, you’ll actually make a positive impact on their life while creating the future leaders within the organization. By offering tried and tested mindfulness tools such as meditation, breath work, and general wellness advice, employees are able to self soothe, manage their anxiety, and take responsibility for their own mental health. 

Multiple live classes throughout the day mean employees can tune into Journey LIVE expert teachers, and connect with other people in similar situations around the world. And with hundreds of videos on demand ranging from how to Sleep Better to Reducing Anxiety, people can choose what is right for them depending on they’re ever changing needs.

3. Create community

(Relatable teachers and weekly workshops) 

There are some things about the in-office experience that just can’t be replaced. Genuine connection from face to face interactions is one of them. Boost the office morale by facilitating safe social interactions that are healthy and positive. Create avenues for people to reacclimate to new social exchanges and find comradery so they feel a sense of ease, hopefully even some joy when it comes to working side by side with their colleagues. 

At Journey, our teachers are not only experts in their modality of mindfulness, but they’re veterans of the daily grid. They are especially relatable and know how to create a safe space for people to share what they’re really up against and can connect to their co-workers in the weekly workshops. 

4. Offer consistent support

(Daily journey newsletter and personal recommendations)

Things will continue to change. Luckily, change also means an opportunity for consistent support. Helping employees manage all the ups and downs can make a huge difference for them. Having a steady stream of multiple access points means employees will have multiple opportunities to work on their stressors and grow their strengths. 

With daily, bite size reminders, practices, and prompts, daily journeys make it wellness accessible for anyone. And the more employees engage, the more Journey is able to personally recommend videos and mini series that are specific to their needs.

5. Be the example

(Check out Journey!)

This one might be the most effective. Return to the office in the way you would like to see your fellow colleagues, managers, directors, and employees reenter the in-person experience. When you stay on top of your own mental health, not only are you more effective at your job, you’re more able to guide others along their wellness path.

If you’re looking for quick ways to support employees as they transition into yet another new work scenario, Journey can help. Reach out to request a free demo and learn how Journey can help your employees. 

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