New At Journey: Mental Health for Executives & More

Written by Stephen Sokoler

No two mental health journeys are the same. Which is why, at Journey, we continually develop new content offerings that allow every person to find the tools and resources to manage their stress levels at work and at home.

This month, we have worked with our team of experts to develop three new carefully curated series, available now on Journey LIVE. New series include mental health for executives content, audio-only content and more. Read on for the details!

Audio-Only Content

Got Zoom fatigue? Us too. We’ve just launched over 30 new audio-only classes that help give your eyes a break. Close out your workday with one of our many sessions on managing stress or learning to meditate.

Executive Series

Mental health at work is most effective when implemented as a top-down initiative. When managers and executives practice positive mental health habits, this leads to healthier teams overall. In this 4-part series, Hector Marcel, a passionate organizational change management professional specializing in performance, culture and service, gives executives a deep dive on how to manage the stressors that affect them most. Hector will not only help corporate leaders find peace themselves, but will also lay the groundwork for how to implement better mental health practices across your organization.

Customer Service Series

For customer service professionals, taking on the problems and challenges of others is a part of the job description. That is why we worked again with Hector Marcel to develop this 4-part series just for customer service workers. Participants will learn tools for staying mentally fit when fielding complaints and managing customers’ stress, all day long. 

New to Journey? Get in touch to learn more about our program that offers the most cost-effective and engaging way to build a culture of mental health at your organization.

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Written by Stephen Sokoler
Founder & CEO of Journey Meditation


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