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At Journey, we know that a deeper sense of sustained wellbeing is easily achievable with just a few minutes of daily self care and a couple tiny shifts in perspective. That’s why we loooove providing you with the latest and greatest resources, practices, and insights into stress-relief and ease of living.

This month, dive into three new powerful series by our team of wellness experts designed to empower managers, uplift attorneys, and strengthen families. Explore these and more on Journey LIVE and continue on for more details! 


Attorney Series

When it comes to peak performance, we know attorneys are masters of accomplishing the impossible under maximum stress. That’s why we decided to offer a specialized series just for you. In four short videos,  Jeannine Cahill Jackson, a civil legal services attorney, will take you through a number of quick and easy practices to save you from the brink of exhaustion when the pressure is on and keep you at the top of your game. 

Manager Series

The role of a manager is no easy feat. Juggling the needs of a team while trying to carry out the vision of the board and keep the clients happy can feel like a stress bomb about to explode. Luckily, we linked up with Hector Marcel, an organizational change expert, for some tips to find your center, stay energized, and build bridges that will bring out the best in you and your team. In this series, you’re invited to step into your vital role with more clarity, and find fulfillment in the success of those you supervise with a deeper sense of purpose beyond just yourself.

Parent Series

Does your loved one’s stress have you stressed out? We know first hand just how much worry centers around the kids and family. So we called on one of our mindfulness experts, Jackie Stewart, who is also a parent, to share some useful tips. In this 4-part series, the journey begins with you. Learn simple techniques to implement self care on the spot and model conscious behavior. Then become a master at switching perspectives with your loved ones so you and family experience more support, care, and peace of mind.  



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