Wellness Isn’t One Size Fits All

Written by Journey

Each workforce is unique, with diverse needs and interests, especially around mental wellbeing. HR & People teams are often faced with the challenge of allocating limited budgets on equitable programs that are accessible to all – How do you make sure you’re creating an inclusive program that takes everyone’s varying life circumstance into account?

On September 30 at 3pm ET / 12pm PT, Journey’s Founder & CEO, Stephen Sokoler and other wellbeing leaders will host an exclusive webinar on the current wellness trends, what top employers are doing to support their staff, and share some new ideas on what companies can do to ensure your employees are happy and healthy.


More about the companies presenting –
Journey offers a simple yet powerful program, designed to help remote employees focus on their mental health. Like physical fitness for the body, our mental fitness program trains people to focus and calm their mind, giving them the ability to better manage stressful situations at work and outside of it. We believe that when employees come together to learn and support each other, they create measurable results for themselves and a happier, healthier, less-stressed organization.
JOON is on a mission to maximize the physical, mental, and financial health of the ever-changing workforce.  JOON makes it easy for employers to design a flexible wellbeing program that meets the diverse needs of their team. Employees get the freedom to choose wellness and lifestyle options that are meaningful to them while JOON automates the reimbursement process and eliminates any of the administration burden.  With JOON, wellbeing categories like fitness, food, mindfulness, women’s health, family care, education, donations, and student loan repayment can all be covered under one roof.
Workplace Training Network (WTN) provide online and in-person compliance training. Specializing in Harassment prevention, Employment Law, Code of conduct, and Diversity, our training helps organizations foster a more respectful and inclusive company culture while also meeting California, Illinois, and New York state mandates. To enhance the learning process, we’ve created engaging, interactive courses that stimulate learning through impactful real-world scenarios. We help employees understand what improper conduct looks like, how they can prevent it, and who to tell if it happens. We know how difficult it can be to train employees that aren’t sitting in front of a desk. Our courses can be provided to Employees that don’t have Computer or Email Access.
Wellworks For You was created as a vehicle to assist employers in designing and implementing a comprehensive wellness program. We recognize that healthy minds and healthy bodies are the catalyst to a successful working environment.  Wellworks For You provides the foundation to administer a health promotion program at a premier level with ease. Its systems have advanced methods of collecting and tracking data to provide a comprehensive dataset for the metrics that are essential in estimating ROI.
FitPros is a health and fitness company that brings wellness direct to workplaces across the US. Recognizing each business is unique, we create custom solutions to improve employee health, happiness, and commitment to their employer.​​  Launched in January 2016, FitPros was formed to motivate health and happiness through physical movement and mindful education where people spend the most time – at work! FitPros will step in to support your company retain and recruit high caliber employees, while positively impacting your bottom line savings through wellness programs at your location.





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