Reduce Stress & Burnout

Across all clients, employees in the Journey program reported a 20% reduction in stress

Increase Resilience

In a Humana clinical study, participants in the Journey program missed 51% less work than the previous month

Improve Culture & Engagement

At Morgan Stanley, 100% of employees reported improved mood after the Journey program


The Journey LIVE Platform

  • Web & Mobile Apps
  • Private Weekly Workshops
  • Live & On-Demand Content
  • Daily Journey Newsletter
  • Daily Check-Ins & Monthly Assessments
  • Personal Recommendations

HR Resources

  • Quarterly Reporting
  • Customized Engagement Campaigns
  • Dedicated Support

Best-in-Class Engagement

Through live classes and highly relevant content, we drive the highest employee engagement

Easy to Implement

We know you’re busy, so Journey was designed to be quick and easy to put in place and run

Affordable & Cost Effective

We’ve worked with many of the world’s best organizations by providing a program that is affordable and cost effective

Clinical Study & Business Impact Metrics

Humana conducted a clinical study on the Journey. Compared to the previous month, participants missed 51% less work and reported:

  • 11% improvement in being able to control irritations in their life
  • 12% improvement in feeling on top of things
  • 16% reduction in feeling nervous and stressed
  • 17% reduction in feeling unable to control the important things in their life
  • 18% reduction in being angered because of things that were outside of their control
  • 38% improvement in feeling confident about their ability to handle their personal problems

Morgan Stanley surveyed their employees after the Journey program:

  • 77% of employees reported increased energy levels
  • 100% of employees reported reduced stress
  • 100% of employees reported improved mood

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