Introducing the New Journey!

Written by Stephen Sokoler


The past year has been one of the most challenging of our lifetime. It isolated us from friends and family, turned our work culture upside down, and changed so many lives forever. But it also allowed us to look inward to see what’s really important. At Journey, it gave us the space to think deeply about our mission – helping all people live happier, healthier lives – and how we can best fulfill it. To that end, we made some significant changes that we are excited to share.

Going Back to Our Roots & Focusing Solely on Organizations

We realized that by targeting both consumers and organizations, we were doing too much and spreading ourselves too thin. We realized that by focusing on less, we could do more. We honed in on what matters most to us and where we can be the best in the world. We decided to focus all of our efforts on our B2B business, where we help organizations of all shapes and sizes to support the mental health of their employees. This was where Journey started back in 2015 and is embedded in our DNA. 

Building the Leading Preventative Mental Health Solution

We believe that prevention is key when it comes to managing life’s inevitable curve balls and unforeseen events. On any given day, we all fall on a spectrum from feeling like we’re on top of the world to struggling to get through the day. That’s why we believe in staying ahead of the game and not waiting until there is a major issue to take action. In the same way that a little physical exercise everyday keeps the body healthy and strong, staying mentally and emotionally sound also requires a little activity everyday. With that in mind, we’ve built the leading preventative mental health solution to help employees proactively stay mentally and emotionally balanced and healthy.

Doubling Down on Our Three Core Beliefs

Everything we do is rooted in three core beliefs — live group learning, peer support, and proactive health. We believe that live classes, led by expert teachers, provide the most effective, engaging, and personalized experience. We believe that having the support of colleagues and peers makes a huge difference when it comes to health and wellbeing outcomes. And we believe that taking action every day, even if it’s small, makes a big difference in staying mentally and emotionally fit. By rooting everything in these three core pillars, we are best able to serve our mission of helping all people to live happier, healthier lives.  

Supporting the Employees AND Shifting the Culture

We provide employees with the tools, resources, and support to navigate both work and life. However, simply providing employees with tools and telling them to solve their own problems is not enough. The environment that we work in plays a huge part in our mental and emotional wellbeing, which is why we also work to create an environment where employees feel safe and supported. We work to reduce the stigma of talking about mental health in the organization, create permission for employees to take care of themselves, and train managers to spot when employees need additional support. The combination of providing employees with tools and shifting the culture is key to an organization’s long-term success.

We’ve introduced powerful new features that have inspired employees to engage more deeply with their mental and emotional wellbeing. We launched the Daily Journey, an email newsletter with a bite-sized tip and video delivered every morning. This allows employees to start their day in the right way. We developed Daily Check-Ins and Monthly Assessments so employees can share how they’re feeling and receive personal recommendations and support. We also built Custom Resource Pages that integrate with an organization’s benefits ecosystem so employees can find the benefits they need, when they need them. By continuing to innovate, we’re finding more and more ways to meet employees where they are and support their mental and emotional wellbeing.

We all know the ups and downs of life are here to stay. By listening to the needs of organizations and employees, and reflecting on what we believe in and why, we’ve emerged as a new Journey that is stronger than ever. Although this certainly isn’t the first time we’ve evolved, and definitely won’t be the last, one thing is for sure — we will continue to lead the way towards building happier and healthier individuals, companies, and communities.


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Written by Stephen Sokoler
Founder & CEO of Journey Meditation


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