New At Journey: Daily Check Ins, Personal Recommendations, & More

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The journey toward optimal mental health is one that can last a lifetime and we’re here for the long haul. That’s why we’re constantly creating new, up to date tools that will increase your effectiveness and support a deeper sense of connection to yourself and others. 

With that in mind, we’re thrilled to share a few new features designed to make your time spent with us more insightful and supportive to your personal growth. 


Daily Check-Ins & Monthly Assessments

You know when you help out a colleague because you get a sense they’re overwhelmed? Or you get a vibe that your boss needs a break, so you drive the next zoom call so they can have lunch. Checking on someone’s mental state is so ingrained in our daily interactions that we often don’t even realize we’re doing it. And yet when it comes to noticing our own vibe, we tend to disregard its importance. But for us at Journey, we think checking in on your mind should be as normal as checking the price of crypto or that Instagram feed.

Now you can take a quick pulse on where your head’s at with our daily check-ins, and calibrate your 30-day chill vs. stress level with monthly assessments. Then based on your self evaluation, we can personalize your Journey experience with recommendations for classes, series, and teachers that speak to your interests and put you in charge of your personal growth. 


Personal Recommendations 

Speaking of personal, here at Journey when we ask, “how are you?” we actually mean it! That’s why we partnered with a former Chief Behavioral Scientist to carefully curate a simple and pointed assessment to rate your initial sense of wellbeing in just about 30-seconds. Why do we care, you ask? Well, if we know what’s been on your mind, we can start you off with a couple things that cater to your particular needs. We also know the immense value in tracking your progress so you can course correct when needed and be sure a mental upgrade doesn’t go unnoticed. 


Custom Resource Page

You remember hearing something cool about a new benefit but can’t quite remember what it was called. Or you need to file a claim, but just finding the app is daunting. We know the feeling. That’s why we developed a way to access all your company’s benefits in one fell swoop. With our Custom Resource Page, we’ve integrated your entire benefit ecosystem, so you can find all benefits in one place. Get what you want when you want it with no hassle.

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