Creating Space and Possibility: Response v. Reaction

Written by Journey

We all do it all the time: react without thinking. It’s instinctive, and it can be really harmful in a close-knit environment like a fast-paced office.

How many times have you reacted in a way you later regretted?

All too often we let our ego and bodily sensations take over. Meditation slows people down (in a good way!), creating space for each individual to choose a response instead of engaging in an instinctive reaction.

With these tools in place, your employees won’t feel bound to the typical rollercoaster of emotions next time there’s a creative disagreement or HR emergency. Instead, they’ll be able to assess the situation with a clear head, problem-solving for a positive result versus wading in waters of fear.

When people respond to events they stay in their power, when they react they give that power away.

Journey Meditation is here to make your team stronger, happier, and more powerful.

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