What Comes First – The Coffee or Meditation?

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For many of us, the morning can be an optimal time to meditate. It can also be great for a comforting cup of joe. Either way, coffee and meditation are two habits that can shape a balanced morning routine.

Is there a balance between morning coffee and meditation?

Feeling Out A New Morning Routine

There’s no one right answer when it comes to finding an optimal morning routine. For some, coffee aids in creating a clear mind, but for others it’s just too much when trying to meditate. Here’s how you can find out what works best for you:

Start by drinking a cup of coffee first thing. Then settle down to meditate. As you move through your practice, pay attention to how you’re feeling. Do you feel alert and focused? Or jittery and restless? If you are feeling alert and focused, then coffee before meditation is for you. A calm, clear, and focused mind is the goal.

If your heart starts to race, your toes keep wiggling, or you even start sweating – you may need to rethink coffee. If you experience this sort of restlessness while meditating, you may be sensitive to caffeine. You might just be drinking too much coffee. In this case, a smaller cup could be the solution. Try again the next day and if it still doesn’t feel right, try meditating before drinking coffee. Whether it’s coffee, meditation or both, having a positive morning routine is great way to set the tone for your day.

Will I Fall Asleep If I Meditate Before Coffee?

In the morning, everyone gets a natural boost of “wake-up” hormones. As your body prepares to wake up the mind, it slowly releases cortisol. This process gives you a boost of energy and appetite. These hormones are enough to get some people through a morning meditation session without any caffeine. While for others, a cup of coffee goes a long way to helping you concentrate.

Meditation is all about listening. As you practice, listen to your body. The meditative experience varies from person to person – as does caffeine tolerance. After you drink a coffee, settle into meditation and you’ll soon find what works best for you. The power is to find a balanced morning routine to start your day with clarity and focus.

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  1. Andy May 05, 2020

    I like that there is no answer here, I knew it was a ridiculous google search. My rputine has been yoga, and other exercise with vitamins and water. But, to wait longer for coffee and toast is why I searched. I will see what works for me, as it is, so it will be. Thanks

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