My Path to Healing Through Lupus

Written by Tiffani Moore

Often times, people ask me why I decided to be an Intuitive Healer and Wellness Practitioner. My answer is always the same, “I came to this path with great resistance. My life was literally on the line and in the search for healing I found out I was a healer. It wasn’t a choice, it was a call I had to answer.”

In late 2012, I fell ill. I was running myself ragged in NYC and not being honest with myself about how my career choices caught up with me. I cycled through at least a dozen doctors, and seemingly endless testing, to find out what was going on with my body. After finding a doctor who actually listened (shoutout to Dr. Hartman Martin in Brooklyn, NY), I was diagnosed with SLE lupus. Although I was happy to finally receive a diagnosis, I knew the traditional path of prescription pills to pacify my symptoms was not for me. At the height of this illness, I lost mobility in my left hip and shoulder, suffered from severe brain fog, lost sensation in nerve endings and  l lost patches of hair (thankfully, shaved sides were all the rage at that time).

This was the very beginning of my journey into self-healing.I began to study medicinal herbs, nutrition, yoga and the effects of proper sleep. As I implemented these findings into my lifestyle, I did see results, but I felt something was missing. It took some time for this feeling to solidify, but when it finally did it shook me to my core. I was missing a big part of the holistic approach to healing. Our bodies are temporary containers for the soul and I was neglecting the connection between my body and my trueSelf.

I decided the best way to communicate with my body was to keep it simple. While deepening my meditation practice, I was literally talking to my body and asking it what it needed. With no expectations, I simply took this as an opportunity to be mindfully kind and attentive to myself.

In keeping up with this practice I noticed a few changes; my sleep was more restful, my symptoms began to subside, my dreams were extremely vivid and a lot of emotions from old wounds began to surface to untimely be dealt with. The process of healing is much like peeling an onion; there will be plenty tears, sometimes it stinks and as you get closer to your core (or truest self) a brighter version of self will emerge. My whole being felt better, clearer and more aware, I had begun to truly heal. The connection with my inner self and my highest Self was the catalyst in the process of healing. At that point, I knew I wasn’t learning this information to simply heal myself and move on, I was being called to share these tools!

2017 was dedicated to learning and experiencing as much as I could about the pathways of healing. Meditation, Yoga, and BreathWork, along with proper diet and sleep became the major components in both my personal healing, as well as the foundation for my teachings. These tools led me to understand how to quiet my mind, truly feel my body and connect with my spirit.

Our emotional and physical health are intrinsically linked, therefore my ultimate goal as a meditation teacher, an intuitive healer, and wellness practitioner is to assist you in healing the relationship with yourself and learning what your own voice sounds like so that you can play an active role in your own healing.

Everyday Mindfulness
Tiffani R. Moore
Written by Tiffani Moore
Journey LIVE Teacher


  1. Jennifer Jost October 29, 2020

    Thank you for your meditation on Women’s Advisor Summit! It was wonderful

  2. Dayanara February 09, 2021

    Thank you for your meditation on Women’s Advisor Summit! It was refreshing and energizing… a natural “cup of coffee”!

  3. Dayanara February 09, 2021

    Thank you for your meditation today on the Women’s Advisor Summit! It was refreshing and energizing… a natural “cup of coffee”!

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