How the Founder of Mom Culture Integrates Meditation Into Her Every Day

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Sarah Komers is a triple threat – Mom, Entrepreneur, and Meditator. Sarah is the founder of Mom Culture, a lifestyle shop selling fun and relatable merchandise such as t-shirts that say “Mother” and coffee mugs stating “Raising Tiny Humans is Exhausting”. Not only is she making the world a better place one mom mug at a time, she’s also building a community that empowers and supports moms in their journey of raising good humans.

From starting company meetings off with a Journey LIVE session to encouraging her 12-year old daughter to meditate before school, Sarah has made meditation and Journey LIVE an integral part of her personal and professional life. We were excited to be able to chat with Sarah to learn more about her and her meditation practice.

Hi, Sarah! Give us a quick intro into who you are!

“Hi, I’m Sarah! I’m the owner and founder of Mom Culture — an online lifestyle brand and community redefining Mom Culture one tee and mug at a time.

I live in Sunny California with my amazing husband and our three tiny humans: Lily 12, Remy 10, Fletcher 6 and our two dogs, Gus and Grace. My hobbies mostly consist of motherhood – lol. There’s not too much time for me-time with three busy kids. When I do have some downtime, I like to sew and craft with my daughter, Lily.”

Tell us about when and why you decided to start Mom Culture.

“I started my brand in 2013 after the birth of our last baby, Fletcher. My birth was a pretty traumatic experience and after my recovery I re-evaluated my life. I wanted something creative for myself and I had been making little things here and there. So, my husband encouraged me to start up a little shop.”

You’ve built an amazing community of Moms through Mom Culture. How have you done this and why is community so important to you?

“Thank you so much!  I’m so proud of this community that my little brand has brought together. It’s like a big mom’s group of amazing, supportive women. It took me a while to realize that building up this community and supporting my fellow mothers meant so much to me because of my lack of a real relationship with my own mother.  I want to help my fellow mamakind; support them during their motherhood journeys and letting them know they’re not alone. Becoming a mother has a way of isolating us, and for some, it’s hard to navigate because we were not meant to do this solo. We were meant to have a village and support.”

 Tell us about your experience with meditation. How long have you been doing it? How often? How did you get started with it?

I’ve practiced some basic meditation on and off for years but I started with Journey LIVE in January of this year. I meet with my team every Monday morning for a special Mom Culture Club group meditation to kick off our week together. I catch a few sessions throughout the week independently during the morning and evenings before dinner time to get my mind centered.”

How has meditation helped you to balance your life as an entrepreneur and mom?

“For me, it’s been so helpful to slow down and take some downtime to get centered especially during stressful weeks. Running a business and being a full-time wife and mother takes its toll. Having time to catch my breath and focus on me for a moment is so important.  It really helps to balance me out and not let stress take over.”

How else has meditation benefited you professionally?

“Meditating regularly has helped our business because we are reminded to stop amid the daily hustle, breathe mindfully and move forward. It has helped all of us remember what is important in life and not stress about the little irritations.”

How has meditation helped you in your pursuit to #raisegoodhumans?

“A happy mom produces happy children. It’s plain and simple. Taking the time to center myself helps me to be more relaxed and present with my three, which affects them in a positive way.”

Do you have your kids meditate? Or think you will try to start them with a practice on one day?

“My daughter loves the Journey LIVE app and I hate to break it to all the teachers… but, Andrew is her favorite. She steals my phone and does his morning meditation before school.She’s only 12, but she already sees the difference in taking the time to meditate and focus on herself. Teaching my children healthy habits and techniques to cope in life is extremely important to me.”

What advice would you give to Moms who feel like there isn’t enough time to meditate?  

“Make the time, I know it’s hard but if I can find 15 minutes, you can too!  It’s amazing how good you feel in just those 10-15 minutes of taking the time for yourself, mama.”

How has Journey LIVE helped make meditation a part of your life?

“I love having the app with the push notifications. It gives me that little nudge to take time for myself which with my on-the-go busy schedule has been so valuable. It’s amazing not having to drive to a class or take a lot of time. I can meditate in the comfort of my home, office, or in between school pick-ups.”

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