Journey is on a mission to help all people live happier, healthier lives. We believe in the power of human connection, and that wellbeing is more impactful when done with others. We’re building the world’s largest wellbeing community, both online and off, and recently launched Journey LIVE, the world’s first group meditation app. TechCrunch called us “Peloton for Meditation” and AlleyWatch said we’re “A Meditation Studio in the Palm of Your Hand“.

We’re seeking passionate and dynamic teachers that are eager to spread the powerful benefits of meditation, know how to connect with a diverse group of students and bring positive energy and passion to all that they do!

Our Culture

Journey is building a supportive, inclusive community that facilitates growth and connection. We teach in-person group meditation in organizations and communities around the world and offer daily guided classes digitally through the new Journey LIVE app. We’re currently teaching onsite in 20 cities and growing quickly. We recently raised our Seed Round from great investors, so it is an exciting time for us to scale our team, our clients, and, most importantly, our impact.

Our company culture is immensely important to us and we look for people who will support and build it. We are an emotionally safe environment where we show up authentically and bring our whole self to work. We feel safe to take risks, be vulnerable in front of each other, and make mistakes. We believe in continuous personal and professional growth and we will do our part to help you on that journey. Feedback is not helpful, but required. Only through open, compassionate feedback can we grow. We trust our team fully and our business information is shared openly with all team members. We are optimistic and see the glass as 3/4 full. We believe that the power of our mission and effort will allow us to flourish. We focus on strengths more than weaknesses and opportunities more than problems.

Our core values are incredibly important to us. We look for teachers whose style and personality align. 

  • Keep It Simple: We value clarity, ease and understanding.
  • Be Authentic: We live what we teach and are genuine in everything we do.
  • Lead with Compassion: We are caring and gentle with ourselves and others.
  • Community First: We believe we are stronger when we come together to learn, share, and support each other.

The Opportunity

Journey believes in the power of community and we show up for our teachers just as we expect them to show up for their students. When you join the team, you have the opportunity to:

  • Teach at organizations ranging from Fortune 500s like Nike, Facebook and Google, to law firms and investment banks, charter schools, hospitals, and nonprofits
  • Be a part of an engaged teacher community sharing experiences and gathering for a monthly teacher lounge hosted by David Nichtern
  • Make meditation part of a sustainable livelihood through compensation for teaching, writing and other special projects.


Teacher Requirements

We look for teachers with a unique set of qualities and experience to lead Journey classes:

  • Experienced: At least 2 years of meditation teaching under your belt, making you perceptive and attentive to students’ needs
  • Engaging: Able to hold student’s attention, connecting with them and empowering them through your teaching
  • Open-Minded: Your growth mindset allows you to take in feedback and you approach your work with curiosity and candor
  • Open-Hearted: Your generosity of spirit enables you to be in service of your students in a caring and supportive way
  • Representative: You live this practice in and out of the classroom and can bring real world, relatable experiences to bear


What To Expect

The average Journey teacher leads one-two classes per week, with our most experienced teachers leading up to 5 classes per week. Your work load depends on a number of factors including the demand for meditation as a benefit in your city and the hours you’re available to teach. 

Elements of Training

Journey Teacher Training is a 2-3 week process. 

It is designed to empower you to explore the relationship between your personal practice and teaching style and what Journey’s learned from leading over 5,000 sessions in the workplace. We take a select group of experienced meditation teachers and train them on the Journey approach and philosophy. We are consistently available to workshop shares or teaching moments and every teacher has access to the monthly Teacher Lounge with David Nichtern.

Upon acceptance, teachers launch their training cohort on a 2 hour video call with a member of the Journey team. From there, they go through 1-3 rounds submitting trial class videos and reflecting with their Journey mentor. Lastly, upon passing, they visit a Journey client to see our sessions in action. 

We’re here for you and stand for passing each and every person accepted into the cohort! Of course, prospective teachers need to demonstrate a strong capacity to lead and an infectious passion for the practice, and we want to help teachers find a home here as much as we can. We’ll provide a detailed manual, video examples of teachers leading Journey classes, themes and ideas to mold your practice sessions, and anything else you feel you need along the way. Just let us know!

What and Who We Teach

Journey clients sign on for a 3, 6, or 12 month contract to start. We do our best to create rapport between teacher, company, and student via consistent scheduling (time, day, room, and teacher). The program starts via weekly themes. Those themes eventually expand into monthly topics like Balance, Resilience, or Communication. Classes are 30 minutes long. 

We have a wide variety of students attend classes with varying levels of meditation experience. We are inspired (and hope you are too!) to expose people to meditation that might never have encountered it before, whether it be underrepresented communities, single parents who work full time, nonprofit employees who cannot afford retreat, or just generally inexperienced students eager to learn.

Want to become a Journey Teacher? Apply here.

Teacher Application

  • Street Number, City, State and ZIP
  • We recommend that you have a minimum of two years experience teaching meditation. Please be honest in answering the questions below, and do not fear answering “no.” Having this information will help us get to know you and ensure we’re able to find the best fit for you. How long have you been practicing meditation?
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