30-Day Stress Reset

Written by Journey Meditation

stress-buttonWe’re pleased to offer a few special PerksCon attendees a 30-day Stress Reset. Designed to help your team build their resilience to stressful situations with the expert help of Journey’s instructors.

Access to the program will be limited to only 5 companies.

Employees from Participating Companies will receive:

  • Weekly Live, Virtual Journey Sessions
  • Full Access to Journey’s Digital Library and Journey LIVE App (iOS)
  • Daily tips and videos to keep your team engaged
  • Weekly Updates on your team’s progress
  • 100% Support from Journey’s Client Success Team

So I’ve got some questions…

Q: What’s the cost?
A: 100% Free to participate in the 30-day program

Q: Can anyone organize this for their company?
A: Yes, but we’ll need to engage someone on your People Ops, Wellness, or Benefits team to help!

Q: I’ve got more questions, who can I speak with?
A: Click on the “Start Your Journey Today” button and we’ll reach out to help answer all your questions!

Wellbeing is Better Together

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Written by Journey Meditation


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