Engagement programs have never been more important, yet ineffective.

Employee mental health has never been more crucial for organizations, but the sad truth is that employees aren’t using the programs that benefit leaders are providing. Engagement tends to be 3-5%, leaving over 95% of employees on the side. Engagement is not one size fits all and factors such as role, location, age, gender, race, and more, have to be taken into account to build a successful engagement program.

Increase Your Engagement by 10X

Journey averages 30% engagement per month and increases utilization of all of your other benefits

What Effective Engagement Strategies Look Like

Introducing strategies that deliver 10X engagement & 5-10X ROI. In a 2022 study, Journey saved employers $380 per employee in healthcare costs alone

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The ideal solution for HR, rewards, benefits and wellness leaders to keep their teams happy, healthy and engaged.

Journey Proactive EAP

Unlike traditional EAPs, Journey Preventative EAP provides employees access to inclusive digital mental health tools and personalized support in critical times of need. Made for the modern workplace and focuses on connecting employees to the right care at the right time.

  • Highly Personalized Support for Both Employees & HR
  • Concierge-level service to both employees and people leaders, always providing the right support at the right time.
  • Focus on Inclusivity with Diverse Providers & Solutions
  • Diversity inclusion with a provider network with over 40% people of color.
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Journey LIVE

An always available online app that provides on demand support for employees to reduce stress and resilience.

  • Reduces stress by 20% across all clients, employees in the Journey program.
  • 51% decrease in missed working days. 
  • Includes Web & Mobile Apps
  • Live & On-Demand Content
  • Daily Journey Newsletter
  • Daily Check-Ins & Monthly Assessments
  • Personal Recommendations
  • Calendar Integration
  • Zoom & Teams App
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Less stress More resilient teams Happier, healthier employees
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