How to Bring Your Full Self to Work (While Keeping it Professional 😊)

Written by Journey

Imagine it’s Monday morning. The weekend was full of friends, fun, and excitement that has left you feeling healthy and refreshed. Wouldn’t you like to carry this energy with you into the work week?

On a personal level, there are many benefits of bringing your full self to work.  Finding balance between your home and work-life personas and integrating both sides can boost satisfaction all around – for you, your family and your coworkers.

Here are some benefits when you do this in a balanced way:

  1. Deeper Bonds and Connections: As you open up to others, they will do the same to you. It’s these interactions that help you connect with people on a personal level – not just a professional level.

  2. New Perspectives: By embracing your full self, you are free to share your perspective without fear of judgment. At the same time, you will discover new perspectives as you listen to your peers.

  3. Meaningful Appreciation: When you really know someone, you appreciate them for more than just their work output. This is reciprocal – it goes for you too. People will begin to fully appreciate your unique traits, as you appreciate their special traits.

 Photo via Healthyfoodlove Photo via Healthyfoodlove

The idea of bringing your full self to work may be intimidating at first – but remember it’s healthy to do so. As you open to others, you may be surprised by the connections you form. Give yourself the freedom to open up. You’ll discover a deeper passion and more energy to drive you through the work week.

Here are a few ways to bring your full self to work while keeping it professional:

  1. Spark up a conversation with a coworker about their weekend. Ask what was most fulfilling and share your experience.

  2. Decorate your workspace with photos and objects unique to you. You’re a unique person – bring that out.

  3. Be vulnerable with a colleague and share something personal. It’s amazing how people respond when we’re being authentic.

Bringing your full self to work means embracing all the characteristics that make you who you are. Your strengths, weaknesses, family, partner, interests, and hobbies. All of these are a part of who you are. So why leave them at the office door? Being you improves your personal peace of mind, while inspiring others to do the same.

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