How Meditation Can Help Us Survive COVID-19 Social Distancing

Written by David Hart

Even prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we were living through a time of tremendous uncertainty and upheaval, but the enforcement of social distancing has added extra heat to the panic stew. With many workplaces going remote and many industries being drastically affected, it’s critical to build in habits that will help us sustain through the long term. Meditation is a critical tool for our physical and mental health.  


Make Yourself Take Breaks—And Give Yourself a Break

We all know we should sit. However, meditation can end up on the “I should do, but actually won’t” list that we judge ourselves against if we’re rigid with our expectations that it needs to be lengthy or complex. In fact, shorter durations more often may prove most useful these times, especially if we’re stuck inside. The Journey LIVE app is a great way to schedule in a 15-minute break, and guided meditation as a group is a great support. 


Take Care

In our in-person classes, we usually do a combo of practices including: setting an intention with a few intentional breaths, doing a body scan to bring awareness and ease, placing and sustaining the attention on a base such as the breath, and practicing gratitude. Any and all of these practices can be deployed throughout the day—which leads us to our next tip! 

Move, Sit, Stand, Lay Down, Repeat—and Remix

The clip art version of meditation is a solitary person in a tranquil backdrop, softly glowing with bliss. But life in quarantine and social distancing is anything but serene—especially in cramped urban environments or telecommuting while trying to meal prep and get kids homeschooled.

So make sure to get creative with what meditation looks like right now! In traditional instructions, the four postures of sitting, walking, standing, and laying down are offered. Laying down is especially helpful in these times of extra stress and tension to get a sense of grounding and stability. Conversely, walking is a great option to release some of the extra energy we’re experiencing being cooped up. Even standing up, stretching, and shaking out the cobwebs can become your practice. 

Starfish Breathing

Take in the Good

We can’t be certain when this crisis will be complete, or what life will look like in even a week—but we never really could to begin with! So when we inevitably find ourselves mentally hurdling forward in time, we can allow ourselves a few moments to worry with care, and then return to what’s happening in the present moment. In the end, that’s all that we really have to work with.


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Written by David Hart
Meditation Teacher


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