How Leaders Can Reduce and Manage Their Own Potential Burn Out

Written by Cheryl Brause

Business executives often experience stress and burn out.  Faced with so many responsibilities at work, executives are often pulled in so many different directions that they feel exhausted and overwhelmed while losing their sense of passion, motivation and joy in leading.

Mindfulness can help.  Just a few simple mindfulness practices can help reduce stress and fatigue while reigniting your passion and commitment to leading.

Take a Mindful Moment

Take a mindful moment to pause and connect inward to see what’s there.  Find a quiet space and simply sit and breathe. Notice what’s there.  Scan your body and notice if you feel tension in your body? If so, slowly and purposely let go of that physical tension by relaxing your muscles, lowering your shoulders and taking a few slow, deep breaths.  Give yourself just five minutes to stop being on autopilot and simply be present in the moment, allowing yourself the time to reset and recharge.

Stop Multitasking

Make it a point to focus your attention on one activity at a time.  Choosing to focus with interest and attention on what you are doing, whether this is eating lunch or listening to a colleague, can radically change how you pay attention and will allow you to focus to what you are doing in a more connected and heartfelt way.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Self-inquiry is a beautiful way to reconnect to what matters to you. First, take a moment to reflect on what is most important to you right now? By taking the time to investigate what matters most, you can refocus your time and energy on what you are passionate about. Second, ask yourself what brings you joy or makes you feel good? Whether it is reading a good book, listening to music or getting more exercise, it is critical that you make time in your day to do something that nourishes you. Inspiration, innovation, creativity, patience and so much more come from a rested mind and body, so make sure to take time for you.

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Cheryl Brause
Written by Cheryl Brause


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