“Gaining Clarity in 2020” in Review

Written by Journey

Many thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated in our Gaining Clarity in 2020 challenge!

Over the course of this 20 day journey, we “gained clarity” on what our intentions are for the new year, made a game plan for putting our goals into action, and learned tips for adding different healthy habits to our lives–from meditation to movement and more.

We’d like to offer gratitude to our amazing partners, who provided useful tips and special offers to help us all make 2020 the best year yet!

Here’s all the gifts and wisdom that our friends shared with us over the past 20 days:

Gratitude with Urbestself: To train our brains to be more positive, Urbestself shared tips for starting a daily gratitude practice. They recommend taking three minutes in the morning and three at night to practice gratitude, and offer a simple framework to track your habits and record progress towards your goals using their 6-Minute Diary. Use code 2020JOURNEY at checkout to get an exclusive 15% discount!

Fun Movement with 305 Fitness: We learned how to have fun with movement at 305 Fitness, where Journey LIVE teacher, Ceasar, even joined in on a class! They shared a 10-minute at-home Dance Workout for Stress Relief, and invited us to check out their annual sale to save BIG on class packages or get an unlimited month at an amazing price.

Everyday Movement with Training Mate: We believe in the power of community and human connection when it comes to meditation, and Training Mate taught us that exercise is no different! Their head trainer shared some tips for making movement a part of everyday life, such as finding a ‘mate’ with common interests, making time, and not letting anything get in your way. So, grab a mate and get moving with their fun 5-minute workout!

Mindful Eating with Sakara Life: Our friends at Sakara Life helped us to practice mindful eating by offering advice on more colors to add to your plate this year! Taste the rainbow with superfoods such as red beets, rose, millet, green herbs, and purple cabbage, which add more color and health benefits to your diet. To help you get started, Sakara Life shared promo code XOJOURNEYMEDITATION to get 20% off the Sakara Life Meal Program or 10-Day Reset (valid for first-time clients, one-time use only)!

Strengthening Relationships with Relish: In the new year, many people vow to work on improving their relationships. Relish taught us the importance of practicing admiration in our relationships, and shared a quick exercise to help us show admiration for our loved ones. If you’re looking to improve your relationship in a more mindful way, check out Relish’s free 7-day trial.

Habit Formation with Binto: We know that turning a resolution into a lifestyle isn’t easy, so we spoke with Suzie Welsh, Registered Nurse and founder of Binto, a personalized supplement service that aims to make developing daily health and wellness habits simple and accessible. She shared tips for how to make your resolutions stick in the longterm: consistency is key, work with what you’ve got, be prepared, and reward yourself. To help you develop a daily supplement regime to reach your health and wellness goals,  Binto shared the promo code meditateandglow for 20% off your first month.

Thank you to all of our amazing partners for supporting our community throughout this journey!

Cheers to an amazing 2020!


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