Reduce Stress & Burnout

After 8 weeks, across all clients, employees in the Journey program reported a 20% reduction in stress

Increase Resilience

In a Humana clinical study, participants in the Journey program missed 51% less work than the previous month

Improve Culture & Engagement

At Morgan Stanley, 100% of employees reported improved mood after 8 weeks of the Journey program


For Employees

Live, Weekly 30-Minute Sessions
Private virtual sessions available 24/7 anywhere in the world, allow your team members to enjoy 30-minute Journey sessions taught live by one of our certified teachers.

Digital Library
Full library of on-demand classes available anywhere on all platforms.

For the Organization

Full Client Success Team Support
We manage everything from the kickoff meeting to regular program updates on the success of your program; all you need to do is breathe.

Customized Communication Strategy
We produce customized materials including email copy, handouts, posters, newsletters and RSVP links to communicate the program and drive maximum engagement.

Business Impact Metrics
We measure the team’s results on a variety of key business metrics such as Stress, Productivity, Forcus, and Quality of Life.

Live Sessions - Available Onsite & Virtually

Weekly 30-minute sessions taught live in our private virtual classroom

Digital Content Library

On-demand content available 24/7 from any device

Full Program Support

Dedicated team to manage all program elements, drive engagement and help measure your success

Benefits across all clients in the Journey Corporate Wellbeing program


increase in productivity


increase in focus


reduction in stress


Clinical Study & Business Impact Metrics

Humana conducted a clinical study on the Journey Stress Management & Mental Wellbeing program. Compared to the previous month, participants missed 51% less work and reported:

  • 11% improvement in being able to control irritations in their life
  • 12% improvement in feeling on top of things
  • 16% reduction in feeling nervous and stressed
  • 17% reduction in feeling unable to control the important things in their life
  • 18% reduction in being angered because of things that were outside of their control
  • 38% improvement in feeling confident about their ability to handle their personal problems

Morgan Stanley surveyed their employees after the Journey program:

  • 77% of employees reported increased energy levels
  • 100% of employees reported reduced stress
  • 100% of employees reported improved mood