Cheryl’s Modern Mantras For Everyday

Written by Cheryl Brause
To help us cope with modern day stressors in the moment, Journey LIVE teacher Cheryl Brause shares some modern mantras for everyday life:
1.  I am here. 
This is a wonderful way to remind yourself to be present.  It will help you bring your attention into this moment.  This is particularly helpful when your mind takes you into all kinds of stressful thoughts or places that are not actually happening right now.  So, you can mentally note, “I am here,” and connect to being exactly where we are – – which is the ONLY place you will ever actually be.  Feel your feet on the ground, look all around you and simply note, “I am here.”  A simple and super effective way to bring you back to being where you are.

2. Just this. Just now.
Take just a few seconds several times a day to remind yourself to be in this moment.  Take a deep breath and note, “Just this breath . . . Just Now.”  Taking mini moments of awareness all day long will help you stay in the present and not get caught up in those thoughts that too often take you into dark or scary places in your mind. Simplify your focus on just one thing and favor it! It can feel really nice and relaxing.

3. That’s Interesting. 
Instead of being hard on yourself or being angry at someone or something, simply note, “That’s interesting.”  Be curious about how you feel and interested in how you are reacting rather than angry, scared or upset.  This mantra will help you be with what is and let go of any judgment or unhelpful reactions to it.

4. What if it’s not a problem. 
We often look at how we are feeling or what is happening as a major problem, but what if it’s not a problem?  If we can simply note it without making it a bigger deal than it is, then we can move forward with much greater ease! Simply note what it is you are experiencing and then ask yourself, “What if it’s not a problem?”  For example, What if my busy mind is not a problem?  What if my nervousness is not a problem? 

5. That just happened.
When something is over, it’s over.  Yet, we often linger and revisit it in our minds over and over again.  Instead, try noting. “That just happened.”  This will help you see it, feel it and move on.

6. And . . .
Always look for the “AND” in any situation.  Even when you are facing challenges, open your attention a bit wider and make room for something pleasant that is there as well.  There is ALWAYS and AND. It can be quite simple – – – the sunshine, your breath, the kindness of a friend or stranger.  This will help you welcome something pleasant into your awareness to savor and enjoy and prevent you from getting overwhelmed by any less pleasant experience you may have.
A funny and silly example that happened today . . .  I dropped a whole bowl of delicious berries on the floor this morning as I was sitting down for breakfast.  And, when I was crawling around on the floor to pick them all up, I actually noted how lucky I am to physically be able to crawl around without any difficulty or pain.  It made the fact that I just dropped my breakfast much less annoying.
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Written by Cheryl Brause


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