Black Lives Matter

Written by Journey

Black lives matter and at Journey we are committed to examining what more we can do as an organization to join the fight against systemic oppression that continues in our country today.

Our hearts are hurting for the Black men and women in our community, those who teach and hold space at Journey and our colleagues whom we consider family. We are giving them space to heal and process the trauma that comes with the senseless deaths of so many Black human beings. We are coming together to make donations, march in peaceful protests and have hard conversations. Through this, we remain hopeful and optimistic that change is on its way.

At Journey, we’re looking inward to see where we have more opportunity to do better and lead the change we want to see. We’ve formed an action planning committee to keep the Black lives matter movement at the forefront of our operations. Together we’re working on:

  • Initiating diversity and inclusion training for our teachers and team members
  • Amplifying more Black voices on our platform and increasing programming led by Black leaders on anti-racism
  • Continuing to prioritize diversity in our hiring process, working to bring in more Black leaders across all departments in our company
  • Building a paid internship program that trains and mentors young Black leaders
  • Offering the Journey LIVE platform for free to underserved communities that need self-care and healing resources

We’re encouraged to see more people doing the deep inner work that meditation offers, and while it will not cure us of the racial injustices that exist, we believe if everyone takes more time to self-reflect, we can impact real change in the world. We’re examining where we as individuals, family members and community leaders can do more to eliminate the racist beliefs that permeate our society and stand in solidarity with our Black community members. This work does not end anytime soon, it’s a lifelong journey, and we invite you to join us on it.


Artwork by @sacree_frangine

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