3 Hacks for a More Mindful Workplace

Written by Journey

Mindfulness is all about being present in the moment. When a work environment is chaotic or unenjoyable, our mind tends to wander. Whether you watch the clock or just daydream throughout the day, being present at work is possible, and we’re here to help you do it.

The top three hacks to building a more mindful workplace are:

Self Reflect for Deep Focus

Did you know that practicing mindfulness can actually increase your attention span? With increased self-awareness, you can be more intentional with your focus and mental clarity. The best part is you can practice mindfulness while you’re at work.

Pick a time of day (like after lunch) and take time to listen to how you’re feeling. Ask yourself:

  • How is my mind feeling?

  • How is my body feeling?

  • Do I feel stressed, busy, or tired?

By checking in with yourself, you are becoming self aware. When you do this regularly, your brain will begin to rewire itself to make stress and fatigue less painful. Once you acknowledge these feelings, you are able to work with more honesty and clarity.

Embrace Lunchtime Social Hour

For most of us, the office is a place of teamwork and collaboration. When you get along with your colleagues, your in-office experience improves alongside your work quality. Stress can hamper the ability to enjoy the company of others and communication, but being mindfully present with others can combat this. Spending time with others in the present moment has been proven time and time again to increase levels of serotonin — one of the brain’s strongest feel-good and calming chemicals.

Lunch is a perfect time to let go of your focus on work and direct it to the people around you. Try having lunch with someone you like rather than eating alone. Make a conscious effort to really focus on someone’s lunch-time story, and engage in the conversation. When you get back to work, you’ll probably find it easier to focus since your brain will be in a more rejuvenated, relaxed state.

Mindfulness Loves Company

When you’re at lunch spending time with a friend, it’s more likely that they’ll notice the attention you’re paying to them. Not only does this make them feel good, but they’re more likely to open up to you and be kinder. This feeling is contagious because just as you returned to your desk feeling better, so do they. Both of you end up having more pleasant interactions with people. Over time, a friendlier work environment is created. It all starts with the simple act of paying mindful attention to others.

Building a mindful workplace doesn’t have to start from the top down. It can happen from the bottom up. You can do a lot to help yourself and others experience a calmer, more present work environment.

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