What Does it Really Mean to be ‘Mindful’?

Written by Journey

You look both ways before crossing the street, hold the door open for the next person, and always remember to wish your best friend a happy birthday (riiiight?)

But is that what it really means to be ‘mindful’?

 To be mindful is to be present, open, and aware. In both head and heart. 

Have you ever been at a really great concert and felt like the only person there? Under the lights, amongst the crowd, immersed in the energy — your senses are heightened, absorbing every sight, sound, and vibration; your head and heart are in communication, with one another and every other. This is what it means to be mindful.

Your life is busy, filled with important commitments and tons of technology, all of which can make it can be hard for you to focus. Meditation provides you with an escape from everyday distractions — it’s a way to feel calm even when things get crazy.

Jon Kabat Zinn has said that mindfulness is “Paying attention; On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.”

So take time to stop and smell the roses (literally), chat up a new neighbor, or enjoy a good old-fashioned sunset while your Netflix account takes a power nap. Don’t worry, your busy life will still be there when you’re done.

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